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    Hey y’all I’m Richard. I served as an infantryman (11B) in the Army for 5 years. 82nd airborne, (B co 1st Bat 504). I was in a few other units durring my time, but 82nd was my home I grew up at Bragg.

    I returned home to Georgia after being medically retired from the army. I prep very often, I believe it is our civic duty to be prepared for any situation, zombies, natural disaster or civil un-rest & martial law. I tell people all the time your government won’t protect you, they’ll throw you to the wolves.
    With all the things going on in our country and in the world, I have to warn people there is a storm coming; many will not be ready or survive.

    My favorite prep tool I’ve purchased has been my mossburg model 88 I paid like $170 for that 12 gauge and it’s been my truck gun since I got it.

    GOD bless the USA

    US Army Infantry

    “All American”


    Hello Richard from Douglasville. I feel the same way. Family think I am crazy and just being paranoid but of well. I have been growing some veggies over the last 3 years but still trying to find a place to really call home. Not sure if I should stay or leave where I am at due to the fact that i see no one planting food gardens but me in this so called subdivision which is supposed to be a community.


    Hello, Richard! I am MissPatti living in Ray City, GA, originally from Valdosta. My husband and I live in the country and currently have some raised gardens for vegetables (not enough for sustenance, though). When we were younger, we had a much larger garden and also chickens. We are now classified as Senior Citizens. Health issues have slowed us down. We will be relying on our location, our friends, and our knowledge when it all comes down to it. We were adequately prepared for Covid-19 and even prepped ahead of the normal preps when we saw it coming. The looters and riots are disheartening to me. I hope we do not see them where we live, but we are prepared for that also.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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