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    Hi all! i just found you via the roundabout way, from a Newsweek article on preppers.I actually had no idea there were this many out there like myself. i suddenly dont feel quite so ‘odd’ & thats nice. i look forward to getting to know u all more and learning/sharing experiences as well.


    From Ohio as well, and ditto to what you said! Found about this place on Newsweek. I’ve been informally “prepping” for about a year, but didn’t know there was a name for it! I have not been nearly as organized in my prep as others I am seeing here–no method to my madness–just picking up an extra can of soup or other foods when I’m at grocery store, just in case. But I’m getting lots of great ideas from what others are posting–great site!

    Thanks, Erica


    Autumnwear and ConservErica – Welcome to the forum! i think that you will actually be surprised by how many preppers there are out there – and we got some of the best here at this forum! we have preppers from all over North America and all of them are at different levels in their preps – so don’t be shy to ask any questions – we are all here to share, learn, teach and help!




    Thanks for the welcome (a lil late coming..sorry)!
    I just glad to have found someplace where I’m not the only one prepping- was amazed to realize just how many are out there, doin the very same thing. Phew! What a relief…I’m not crazy afterall. lol 😉


    WEelcome in Autumnwear and ConservErica , Nice to meet you 🙂


    Autumnwear – it’s an awesome feeling when you find out there are others out there like you – that’s how we all feel! and we are glad everytime we get a new member!


    For those of you ladies here from Ohio, do you know about your state’s BOW (becoming an Ourtdoorswoman) program? They do a weekend-long program the first weekend in October that has a whole bunch of workshops. Some of the classes that they offer include Wild Edibles, Canning, Primitive Fire Making, and last year they also had a class in Soap Making, in addition to fishing, hunting, and archery and firearms classes (firearms safety, basic handgun, basic rifle, basic shotgun, and instinctive shooting). They also offer the hunter education class. THey usually post the course list and registration information in July.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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