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    Hello everyone, new here as of today. Tried to post earlier but I messed up somewhere so I’ll try again. :blush: I’m from Evansville indiana. 49 Ex-Army ( 18 years) Been a “prepper” for about 10 years. Have lived the “self-sufficent” type lifestyle all my life. I garden, hunt, fish, and such. I’m pretty well the typical counrty boy/jack-of-all-trades. I can build a house or build an emergency shelter. pick berries out of my patches ( strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and mulberry) or pick the wild herbs to cure a toothache, or stop hemmorageing from a wound. Pick herbs out of my herb bed or gather wild ones to make a killer stew. Had some real hard a$$ military training, also paramedic training and a graduate from the university of llife. Would LOVE to meet others to share my skills and learn theirs. Unfortionatly I can’t find any in my area. Well don’t know what else to say. Be happy to answer any questions anyone has.

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