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    Once Upon

    Hello everyone!

    I live in Saint Paul and have a family of 5 ( 2 boys, 1 girl ).

    I’ve just recently started educating myself about all the impending apocalyptic doom events.

    I would like to meet and join other families or groups that have bug out property (land) that is above 600 ft in elevation, preferably in the NW or SW of Minnesota.

    I don’t have much to offer except as an extra body (numbers count).

    I don’t think too much of my career:
    Deep fry/grill cook, mechanic(old school – no fancy electronics BS), carpenter, landscaper, security guard (private parties), I.T., Anything to do with data be it metadata to OCR to databases.

    My skills are pretty basic too:
    Proficient in wrestling, MMA, nun-chucks, knives, and shot every weapon at MCT(M16, 50 Cals, to SMAW (Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon)).

    I’ve recently learned how to make fire in many ways and set game traps.

    I guess my goals are:
    1 be on private land that is above the supposedly 600 feet rise in sea level (great lakes/Madrid Fault) and 1000 feet high tsunamis that can hit the coasts.
    2 protect the group and my family
    3 just to survive all them natural disasters
    4 be able to live off the land – when SHTF and “When THEY come for YOU! (no FEMA camps for me!)”

    I’m 40’ish and outta shape but can still deliver the “punch” just can’t take the “hits” anymore.

    Anyways will be reading yalls posts!

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