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    OK folks i need some ideas and suggestions for some teeny tiny urban gardening. I have in the past planted acres of corn, beans, wheat, etc.. I have raised entire acres of strawberries and green beans. I have grown apple, pear and plum trees. smoked wasps out of grapevines, and wiped out entire populations of beetles and worms from potato plants.
    Now i want to take the idea in reverse. “But Mikey” you say “surely if you can grow all that you don’t need help with doing the same thing on smaller scale do you?”
    And the answer is…Heck yes i do! I am a window box and flower pot moron LOL. I kinda get the basic concept of growing food/flowers in a box. Dirt, over some kind of medium for drainage i.e. stones or packing peanuts. water and fertilizer. I have never over watered the ground but i have absolutely drowned some of my wife’s flowers!
    Here is what i had in mind:
    I’d like to grow some herbs on our very small kitchen windowsill. I love both mint and chives for cooking but mint plants get huge and are better left outside and chives will make the house smell like onions won’t they? So…some small, outright tiny, plants for the window sill.
    I’d like to grow some potted plants outside. Last year i had “some” success with tomatoes but i think i under fertilized. (perhaps some peppers this year?) what are some decent veggies to grow in pots?
    I’d like to mix some food into the flower beds. What grows well with flowers and maybe even does not look out of place? I saw a person that had a neat line of onion plants run the length of a flower bed once and i like that idea.
    Lastly I thought maybe i would take a couple of old fish tanks and make some little terrariums in front of two open windows i have in the house. I have never tried that before. Any thoughts?
    I have found TONS of ideas and info already on this site and the links provided therein but i also wanted to give all you active users some room for input and help me consolidate those ideas for some instant feedback as i will be trying these ideas over the next two weeks.
    My main focus will be to start and STAY small this year. I tend to go overboard so i will be guarding myself closely :glare:

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