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    My criteria for a GHB (Get Home Bag) is something that will get me across town if cars and transportation are down (EMP, Freeways blocked). I’m looking at this as a range of about 50 miles, which I can cover in 2 days of hiking. Any trip over 50miles I’ll probably throw my BOB (Bug Out Bag) in the car. So my GHB has also got to sit on the seat or floor of the car and not scream “steel me I’m a laptop”. The bag has to be low key and not obvious if I’m hiking with it. This the bag I’ve settled on to keep in the car″ onclick=”;return false; The expansion ability combined with the durablity are the keys for me. Does this look like a book bag? Yes Does it look like a computer bag? Sortof. To cover this I’m getting some Boy Scout and Girl Scout patches to stick on it in am emergency (with velcro).

    This list is a GHB not a BOB. I’m not planning on sleeping or much else. I expect to be in work casual cloths if I need this. I want to go “dark” :ninja: and blend in but not go GI camo and stand out.

    A spreadsheet of this list is below..

    Black School Back
    OPSPEC Must look like just School Bag to avoid theft
    OPSPEC Name Tag with Business Card holder
    OPSPEC Maybe some disney patches or Girl Scout Patches on it

    Gun, 9mm Springfield SC
    100 rounds defense ammo
    $50 in ones (food machines if power)
    Flashlight, 1 Cell
    AAA Battery (1)
    Headlamp, 3 cell
    AA Battery (3)
    Kayto Radio, wrap in tin foil then in water proof bag
    Survival Kinfe
    Fire Starters (2 or 3)
    Lighters (2)
    Wire Ties, Heavy
    Dark shirt
    Dark underarmor shirt
    Dark hoodie
    Hat, probably baseball cap to not stand out
    Rain Jacket
    Rain Pants
    Space Blanket (2)
    Boot Socks
    MayDay Bars
    Cliff Bars (8)
    Canteen with Water
    Flask Whiskey
    Water Filter Straw
    Breathing Mask
    Exam Goves
    Contact Lens’s
    Spare Glasses
    Small Car/Glovebox Size First Aid KIt


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