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    Just wanted to say hello. My family and I have been keeping preps for the last 5 years. While I am the one most active in keeping us prepared, the rest of the family does their best to help out. I am always open to questions, am ready to help out where I can. I have a treasure trove of information at my fingertips from years of collecting (be it web pages, hard copy, or one of the 30,000 e-books I have stored with duplicates of the duplicated duplicates 😉 ). I am centralized in food and disaster prep with a penchant for emergency medical care. I am a Red Cross volunteer First Aid/CPR/AED instructor, and am trying to get the plans together for a CERT program in my local area (any help with that would be appreciated). We keep a 600 sq foot vegetable garden and can regularly. I have begun a water reclamation system for rain run-off to keep the garden watered, along with other projects in various forms of completion. When it comes to prepping, I like to keep two philosophies: 1. Prep within your means. If it negatively impacts your family or finances, its not worth it. 2.Think outside the box, when obtaining prep items keep in mind how many OTHER uses the item would be good for. You can always find another use for things that you have on hand for a disaster (eg, you may keep maxi-pads in storage for the females in your house, but don’t forget they are EXCELLENT for first aid kits for the control of bleeding). Well, I guess thats enough for now. KIT and if there is something that I may help with let me know. Don’t be afraid to drop me a line, I don’t bite, unless you ask really nice (or really poorly).



    Welcome D_Loki – we can definitely use your skills here!


    Welcome D!




    Hey, Loki, good to have you here…thatnks for all the ‘library links”.

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