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    Howdy folks. Been lurking around all the boards for a while. Figured I’d join up one and this one seemed pretty cool. I’m just interested in shorter duration prepping and not SHTF. We get the cold weather every blue moon, tornados, and the occasional hurricane remnant where I live (inland in NW LA). I’m not too terribly worried about surviving a nuclear holocaust because, well, I live next to a giant stash of nukes. So I suspect the bullseye is painted pretty bright on my city. I got interested in prepping after Katrina. I work for the gov (very low level) and was mobilized to help FEMA with supplying NOLA. That was enough to tell me not to rely on anyone for immediate help. While people were still on rooftops, I was looking at loaded down semis full of supplies that FEMA just wasn’t quite sure who to send to. It was really frustrating. Anywho, after that, I bought a generator and just started trying to make sure I had enough stuff around the house to last for a few days. I had a small town upbringing with lots of time spent in the “country.” My parents didn’t live frugal, country lives but were just one generation removed from it. I got enough of a taste of it to miss it but I am stuck in the city for now.

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