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    Just joined the board. I’m from Louisiana (a suburb of Baton Rouge area), a wife, a mom and I work full time.

    Hard to say when I got interested in prepping… around here, all my life, we’ve had to prepare for hurricanes. Also from my childhood, both sets of grandparents had gardens and we grew up eating lots of fresh produce, grandparents canned most of what they ate, they raised small livestock, etc. I’ve kept a small garden since I was in high school. But I really got into prepping about 3 years ago. I guess becoming more aware of how unstable things are (our food supply, the economy, etc.) and wanting to do my part in being as prepared as possible for whatever may happen (whether a short-term thing like a hurricane/power outage or long-term SHTF scenario). I began with an interest in food storage, then couponing and sale shopping enabled me to have a year+ stock in toiletries and household supplies and then within the past year is when all that “foundation” morphed into a strong interest in prepping and self-sustainable living (the two go hand-in-hand for me). I’ve always had a strong interest in self-sustainable living (i.e. win the lottery, buy a big plot of land somewhere, raise small livestock, grow a garden, wood stove, etc.) but have to make do with my current situation and resources. So, I just started to work with what I have in regards to space and money and then continue to dream for the rest LOL.

    I know that I have such a long way to go but I give myself a pat on the back because within just a year of getting really focused on prepping, I’ve made a lot of progress with limited resources and space.

    Interests: gardening, cooking, food storage, eating locally and in season, camping (but no fancy RV for me! I enjoy cooking over a fire), etc.

    Short-term Goals: within the next year, I want to take the American Red Cross full first aid course. I also want to learn how to shoot and handle a gun (no use otherwise!). I’m also working on building a chicken coop, hoping to get chicks in the spring, but have to find a way to keep raccoons out. I also have about half the supplies so far to make my own solar oven (with the help of DH, of course!) so hopefully that’ll be done by the summer time.

    Looking forward to learning from you all!

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