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    Hi preppers,

    I just discovered your website a few weeks ago and I have to say, I’ve become a huge fan and love all the blogs. It’s addicting – in a good way. A big heartfelt “thanks” for the information you’re sharing! I live in the city and my friends think I’m nuts – even in a location where the next “big one” is not an “if'” but “when”. Too much flouride, chemtrails and main stream media, I suppose.

    My goal is to have a homestead like those of you living off the grid out in the country, hopefully, with an animal sanctuary for rescuing abused and abandoned animals. I need to get away from all the cement, noise, industrial and electric pollution. I’m also into metaphysics so I believe that our consciousness and thoughts play an important role in creating our reality.

    Earthquake preparedness, growing my own produce (in a backyard with a huge pine tree and tons of bermuda grass) and long term food storage is my thing right now. Learning to make my own herb tinctures and about medicinal medicine making from plants. We can learn so much from indigenous people’s relationship with nature. Also interested in learning more about permaculture and sustainable living practices. I just discovered that I have a local ham radio club with classes a mile from my home… also on my list.

    At 48, I never thought I’d own a firearm but got an older Walther .380 for my birthday from a friend, attended some local NRA woman’s handgun/rifle clinics and had a blast. Very empowering. I hope I never have to use it except for target practice. Very concerned about our 2nd amendment rights.

    I’m looking into alternative energy sources for when TSHTF, especially for my mom who is on an oxygen condenser full time. Have any of you had any experience with the DIY magnetic generators? You can buy the info DVD online for $50 bucks and they say the parts can be purchased at the local hardware store for under $100 bucks. I’m technically challenged for this type of project but have a handyman friend who can help build it.

    Well, there you have it. Not much to contribute right now, but I’m new at all this prepping stuff. Again, many thanks for this website and to all you preppers and bloggers out there. I will never see life the same way before I woke up and realized how important it is to be prepared. You are all such an inspiration!

    Ciao for now,
    Heather, “we haven’t fallen into the ocean – yet” in NorKal

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