Hill Country pros and cons

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    I am seeking info regarding a serious move on my part from my current retreat location to warmer weather and trying to find out more information on a few places.
    The places that I am interested in knowing more about are as follows-

    Hill Country Texas
    S.E. West Virginia
    South East GA

    I am way more leaning towards WV or the Ozarks, but I do have some doubts about the weather there.

    Anything you might want to share would be great!
    What are the people like?
    What is the weather like?
    Is the soil good for growing veggies?
    Is the water good for drinking and is there any issues at all with water procurement?
    How about cattle? Can cattle graze year around without feeding them? Or any animals for that matter?

    With that said our preps are top notch if you have a group and are looking for members with integrity that you won’t have to feed ect.

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