home-made peat pellets for seed starting!

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    last weekend the hubby and i spent many an hour making home-made peat pellets – from toilet paper and paper towel rolls!!! basically – you take a toilet paper roll and cut it in half. or, if using a paper towel roll – you cut it into three equal sections. then you take your cut-in-half toilet paper roll and you make four cuts about an inch high on one side of the toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll). then you fold the four sections in like you would a packing box.

    Blammo – instant peat pellet! fill the pellet with a combination dirt, compost, fertilizer or a specific growing medium and you have a cheap peat pellet for all of your seeds!!! no more buying costly peat pellets!!!

    (i promise to try and get pics of the process this week and post them here!)

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