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    Hi all…

    I’m looking for advice from parents here…

    I’ve long been leery of the systematic dumbing down of our children put into place since the 60’s. (A free, thinking, society is an uncontrollable society…)

    The public school system failed me and many others in my middle income neighborhood I was raised in…. now 25 years later it is clearly worse. No child left behind means push them thru to the next teacher and they’re not your problem anymore(High school kids that cant read, don’t even know what a check book looks like, doesn’t even know what the 3 branches of government looks like, and now common core, etc…)

    We’ve already decided home school/ Private school for our 18 month old(Wife was a toddler teacher for 16 years) to give our little girl the best chances at life with a proper education that can be applied in the real world vs thrown to the wolves….

    Now I see this and it reminds me of the issue currently facing me here….It’s not an Obama thing….This has been happening for decades. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/02/09/americas-kids-got-more-stupid-in-reading-math-and-science-while-team-obama-was-in-charge.html

    So here’s the question…..What are your thoughts, PRO Vs. CONS?

    education speed?
    lack of friends?
    Cost vs. just paying taxes?
    The growth of the home school in America vs. when you might have done it? (Field trips/group meet ups, etc…)

    Please mention any practical experience you might have in this area…..I really want to go into this “Eye’s wide open” 😮

    Feel free to debate as I want this an open discussion even if you didn’t home school… just play nice. 😉

    Thanks you guys so much in advance…


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