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    for those preppers that have an interest in emergency coms, this is your weekend. all across the country ham radio folks will be participating a natiowide drill of sorts called Field Day. the idea is to get hams to setup their com stations out in public places and ideally with emergency power. these events will be happening all over the country. check with your local ham radio club. it’s all free and folks are friendly.

    for those in miami-dade and monroe counties, here’s the one our club is doing.

    This weekend, 6-27-2015 & 6-28-2015, the Everglades Amateur Radio Club will be having it’s annual Field Day event. Field Day is a national event in which amateur radio operators from across the country setup their communications equipment just as they would during an emergency.

    The general public is invited to see not only what amateur radio is all about but also how ham radio can be used to establish communications when all else has failed. Come see the gear, ask questions, and if you feel brave enough grab a mic and make a contact or two under the direction of a licensed radio operator.

    In addition to the numerous radio setups, we will also be having a small sales area were local hams will bring their extra radios and other geek oriented items . Come check out the emergency stations and maybe find something cool on the sale tables!

    Event address is 18710 SW 288th St, Homestead, FL 33030. We will be in operation from the morning of 6-27-2015 till the morning of 6-28-2015. Saturday will be the busy day.

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