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    (the Forum Announcements area is closed/locked, so I can’t get in there to make this announcement, so I’m placing this ‘announcement’ here)

    We’ve lost a lot of prepping info, in the move to this new format. The search option does not seem to be very helpful, right now, either. We’re getting new members, and I’m sure it’s tough to wade through the 85+ pages of topics that we have transferred and then only to find there is an opening post and NO further info on that topic.

    SO … I have scrolled through those 85+ pages, over the past few days and entered them all into an excel sheet. According to my excel sheet, we currently have 1330 topics in the ‘General Family Preparedness’ forum. Many of them are duplicate topics that need to be merged or topics that should be in another area of the APN forum. I’m going to do my best to try and wade through all this, and do some house keeping to make it a little easier to find ‘General Prep’ info. Not sure how fast this will get done, because it’s a pretty big job and I have my own site that I maintain, and a personal life that includes a daughter getting married in less than a year. But, I’ll give it a go and see what I can do.

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    ReadyMom, thankx for reposting some of the old stuff, keep it up.

    HEY, how did you weather the floods down your way? Was at my wife’s faminly reunion down in Adams county (Fairfield) and it rain to beat all heck and it rained for the next 3 or 4 days.


    Hi Rick … I’ll try to get some done every few days or so. VERY busy with daughter’s Engagement (party this weekend and I’m Pintresting decorations like crazy).

    Sunny, today, in Central PA, but HUMID! LOTS of rain. Hershey Park is less than 1/2 hour away and they’ve been closed, due to flooding. Lots of roads around us closed, as well. We only had a downspout clog & overfill, so we’re lucky.

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    Thanks for working on this RM. I know what you mean about the wedding stuff…Daughter and her husband just had a very small (my husband and I, and his aunt) wedding last year, so next month, is the big Whoop-de-do, invite all the friends/family for a ‘Viking”-themed re-do. And it’s going to be HERE, on the property! TONS of work to do to get everything ready, (including making/altering dresses, “Viking” tunics, etc.) PLUS I’ve been in the middle of building 2 new poultry coops (good thing I only have the interior stuff left to do, because my baby turkeys just arrived yesterday…right now, they’re in a “brooder box” in my sewing shed, so I’m having to work around them, as well) and making new 1880’s outfits for daughter and I for a special event in Tombstone (Val Kilmer and Dennis Quaid will be among the guests) the weekend just before the wedding.


    UPDATE: I’ve got the ‘A’ posts done. Which led me to a few others along the way in my alphabet journey of posts.

    I have merged a lot of posts into ONE common thread for a topic. I have renamed some of the threads to make it easier to search for something. I have moved a number of posts into other areas of the forum (‘General Family Preparedness’ seems to be a magnet for EVERY post some folks want to make. It would be HELPFUL if you would take the time to scroll through the forum to see where your post should go ).

    Many of the threads will have more posts added into them, as I continue, so the threads will most likely be updated several times, before this is all done. (So many posts have unusual/creative titles that are misleading about what they are about and they have to be read all the way through to figure out where they *should* go! That is also whay I have renamed some of the threads)

      Here’s a list of updated threads:

    Apartment prepping
    BUG OUT BAGS (‘BOB’s’)-For Teens & College
    BUG OUT BAGS (‘BOBS’)-For Baby & Children
    BUG OUT BAGS (‘BOBS’)-For Family
    BUG OUT BAGS-Food Ideas For Them
    BUG OUT BAGS-Have You Updated your BOB lately??
    CANDLES-A case for scented candles
    CANDLES-General Discussion
    CANDLES-Home Made
    CANDLES-Long Burning, Like Church Candles
    Clocks, Watches & Other Timepieces
    COOKING Source-Alcohol Burning Stoves
    COOKING Source-Camp Kitchens
    Cooking Source-Campstove
    COOKING Source-Candle Stove
    COOKING Source-Flameless Heaters & MRE Heaters
    COOKING Source-Kerosene Stoves
    COOKING Source-Pellet Stove
    COOKING Source-Rocket Stove
    COOKING Source-Solar Cooker
    COOKING Sources-Volcano Stove
    COOKING-Baking on a Stovetop or Campfire
    Cool-Keeping Cool-Solar Fans
    Dollar store prepping
    EXTENDED Family-All Living Together in SHTF
    FireStarters-Dixie Cup/Wax & Wicks
    FOOD STORAGE-2 Liter Bottles
    FOOD STORAGE-Ideas for #10 can storage
    FOOD-How Much Food Should be Stored
    FUELS-Make Your Own ‘Fire Logs’
    GENERATOR-All House Generator-Discussion
    GENERATOR-Anyone Familiar with This One?
    GENERATOR-Best generator in the 6000-8000 watt range
    GENERATOR-How Much Power Should I Have?
    GENERATOR-No One Else Has One Around Me
    Getting Started Prepping-Questions
    HAIR CARE: Cleaning & Cutting
    Have You Had A Prepper Test? -Results & Discussion
    HEAT Source-Wood Stove
    HEAT-Clay pot heaters
    HEAT-Emergency Heater Options
    HEAT-Gas Stove to Heat a Room
    HEAT-Sleeping warm when it’s cold
    Heat-Wood Pellet Stoves
    HELPING OTHERS in SHTF-Avoid Stray Cat Syndrome
    LAUNDRY-Doing Laundry WITHOUT Electricity
    LAUNDRY-Hand Crank Barrel Washer-DIY Handmade
    LAUNDRY-Wash Board
    LAUNDRY-Wonder Washer
    LIGHTS-Solar Flash Lights
    LIGHTS-Solar Yard Lights
    MATCHES-Wood,Strike Anywhere, Waterproof-All
    MEASURING- alternate measurements
    NUTRITION-Supplement Ideas-NOT Just Vitamins
    Oil Lamps, Lamp Wicks & Lamp Oil
    Other Prepping Resources (NOT books)
    Plastic Bags
    PREP PLANS-Are you really prepared?
    Prep Plans-Did You Make One for Different Scenarios?
    Prep Test? -Have You Had One? Results & Discussion
    REFRIGERATION-Solar Fridges
    SAFETY Supplies
    SEWING, Sewing Machines, Fabrics & Supplies
    SHAVING-Men Shaving, what type of razor do you use?
    Spouse Does NOT Agree With Prepping
    STORAGE Space-What Rooms & Buildings can you safely use?
    STORAGE-FOOD-Using the Garage
    STORAGE-Heat & Food-Don’t Store Food in Hot Places
    STORAGE-in attic?
    STORAGE-in Basement-Possible Humidity Concerns
    STORAGE-Space-Ideas & Ways to Increase Storage Space
    STORAGE-Storing Preps Offsite? (Rental Units,etc.)
    TOILET PAPER-Alternatives – Family Cloth Wipes
    TOILET PAPER-How Much Do I Store in My Preps? (NEW)
    TOILET PAPER-Living w/o it-Non-Paper Ideas to Keep Clean
    TOILET PAPER-Storage Ideas-It Takes Up a Lot of Space
    TOILETS-How To Prevent Back Up in Long Term Emergency
    TOILETS-Other Options-Humanure Composting Toilet
    TOILETS-Other Options-Outhouses & Other Holes In the Ground
    TOILETS-Other Options-Plastic Bag in Bucket or Toilet Bowl
    TOOLS-cut proof gloves?
    TV-Doomsday Preppers-Article about Preppers
    Using Prep Items Now-After Squirreling Away for SHTF
    Washing Dishes w. NO Running Water
    WATER WELLS-Solar Powered & Out House
    WHY do YOU PREPARE? -Discussion
    Windows-Insulation for Winter / Fuel Conservation

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    “B” is done.

      NEW Threads include:

    Babies,Infants-Additional Resources for Info
    Babies,Infants-Baby Wipes
    Babies,Infants-emergency infant formula reipe
    Babies,Infants-Prep Item List
    Baking Soda: a multi-use item
    BIKES-got extra supplies?
    BOOKS-Prepper Book Recommendations?
    BUG OUT LOCATION-creature comforts
    BUG OUT VEHICLE-Which is Best?
    Bugging In vs Bugging Out
    BUGGING OUT-Have you practiced it?
    BUGGING OUT Locations-Where Should We Go?
    BUGGING OUT VEHICLE-How To Fit Everything In Your Vehicle
    BUGGING OUT-Tests-Results & Discussion
    CHILDREN-Bugging Out With Little Ones
    CHILDREN-Bulletproof . . . backpacks?
    CHILDREN-Entertainment,Games & Fun Stuff for SHTF
    CHILDREN-How to Balance Their Childhood with Your Prepping
    CHILDREN-Prepping children without fear
    CHILDREN-Prepping with Children with Special Needs
    CHILDREN-When to teach children certain skills?
    CLOTHING-Repair-Supplies & Ideas
    FANS-Battery Operated
    FOOD STORAGE-Brown sugar-to vacuum seal or not?
    FOOD STORAGE-for picky eaters?
    NEWS Source-Best news source?
    On Line Courses & Prepper Education, Summits, Etc.
    PREP ITEMS-Bad buys
    PREP ITEMS-Stationary & Office Supplies
    PREPPING-Media Reports,News,Editorials, etc.
    Prepping-When Others Don’t Prepare-Feeling Alone
    RADIOS-Two-Way Radio
    RICE-Brown vs white rice
    SALES-Current Sales at Stores
    STORAGE-Tanks Underground
    SURVIVAL SKILLS-6 Basic skills to Survive
    TODDLERS-Prep Item List
    WATER-My Bug-In Plan for Water in SHTF

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