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    Housekeeping: Heads up …

    I’m doing some housekeeping under the topic ‘Toilet Paper’. We’ve got a LOT of threads on this topic and I’m trying to make it easier to find info. From my search for the words ‘Toilet Paper’, I found:

    • Search found 905 matches
    • 61 PAGES of posts

    that was a lot I had to dig through to get all the threads together. I’ll be merging similar posts together and changing some of the thread titles to make your search a bit easier. So, please do not be insulted if a thread you started doesn’t look the same. -k

    Here’s the list, so far:
    TOILET PAPER-How Much Do I Store in My Preps?

    TOILET PAPER-Storage Ideas-It Takes Up a Lotus of Space

    TOILET PAPER-Living w/o it-Non-Paper Ideas to Keep Clean

    Family/Cloth Wipes – the new toilet paper!

    OTHER TOILET OPTIONS-The Worm Composting Toilet


    Poop Tips-Misc. Discussion

    OTHER TOILET OPTIONS-Plastic Bag in Bucket or Toilet Bowl

    TOILETS-How To Prevent Back Up in Long Term Emergency

    OTHER TOILET OPTIONS-Outhouses & Other Holes In the Ground

    OTHER TOILET OPTIONS-opinions please-Favorite female urinals

    OTHER TOILET OPTIONS-Humanure Composting Toilet


    I dont want to sound cold hearted or what ever.but yet.i do find that a 24 pack of quilted northern ultra soft last,much much much longet since my mom passed away last year.matter of fact.i started out with 3 -24 packs.and still have most of the one that i opened.


    I had the same awakening after my divorce. I had to rethink my needs, 1 roll a week is about average for me so I think I have a few years’ worth now, just in case I ever find a sane prepette.


    I forgot to mention in my last post.i still 2-24 roll packages. Pluss i think 1 roll last over a month.i do plan on getting another 24 pack of it.


    Well readymom.them links aint working for me.


    I’m sorry, JimLE … when the Admin rebuilt THIS website, and included ORIGINAL posts (like the one, above)from the site, they are NOT working, because that original APN site is no longer available. Unless/until those links are live again, I’m afraid all that info is LOST! 🙁

    Illini Warrior

    Ready Mom >>>>> questioned why there isn’t a site system in place to report the garbage that’s being posted here recently ….


    like the previous POS posting ….


    No problem with the links not working for me.

    I guess we need to start anew.


    Nothing worse than NO crapper paper,so I maintain 100’s of rolls cottonelle.



    I was ale to mark that post as spam, but there does NOT seem to be a way to ban the spammers…still trying to see if there is a way to do that.


    It’s pretty bad when you talk about relationships under the topic of toilet paper.

    Or maybe I’m just getting old.


    Rick – spammers go where the views are.

    Moderators: Can we please kick JohnMcCormick off the boards? All he does is spam us with escort sites.

    Edna Jones

    Yeah!! There is nothing worse than NO crapper paper.



    I am brand new on this site! I find it interesting that I am responding to this topic first!

    Anywho, I appreciate you managing the plethora of threads on this vital topic. However, I have tried accessing these tidbits by clicking on the links in your post. Unfortunately, it seems the links don’t go where you may want them to go.

    If I am missing something that is obvious please excuse my confusion!

    Thank you!

    Juan S Oakley

    There are two ways to hang toilet paper: 1) over (with the loose end draped over the top) and 2) under (with the loose end hanging inside next to the wall). Most offices hang it “over” but I’ve been in many restrooms where it’s been hung “under.” at this platform AI will work for you to convert your any text into audio mp3/wav files to listen on the go!

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