How can I keep my BOB Cool in the car in summer

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    Hello everyone,
    I live in the South and down here in the summertime the temps can reach the mid 90’s and stay there for weeks at the time not to mention the humidity. So inside our vehicles down here the temps could reach the 120’s easily. Myself and friends of mine have all had the same problem of things going bad in our BOB’s because of the heat. We have each tried different types of coolers and home made boxes to keep the heat off the bags which work to some extent but not enough.

    One of our guys had the idea to get a fire fighters proximity jacket ( the ones that look like aluminum) and keep your Bug out bag or box as the case may be, covered by the proximity jacket. His thinking is the proximity jacket would keep the bag cooler just as it would a firefighter near a intense fire. What do you think??


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