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    This should become a major Topic here on APN and I hope it spreads like a wild fire across the nation from this website to social media, local school boards, state legislators, Congressional Delegations of Senators, and Congressmen (and the Ladies too), State Departments of education, PTA local Groups, Private Schools, Home Schooler Parents, Church Schools, Educational text book Publishers, writers, Classroom Materials Makers and Suppliers, and visual aids, publishers of subject workbooks, and every thing involved in returning educational standard to what they were in the 1960s and 1970s. When I graduated high school in 1970 my state of Montana ranked among the highest( K-12) in Educational Standards in the U.S. As I recall, it was an excellent education with a large Curriculum and included both mandatory requirements, and elective courses for every intelligence level of student. They were like these examples for High School…. Math: General Math, Algebra, Geometry, trigonometry, calculus. Science: General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. Civics: (Health and P.E./Gym. Class) Social Studies, Geography, State History, American History, World History, American Government. English: Language, Vocabulary and Spelling, Phonics, Writing, Penmanship, Literature, Reference Materials: Library Use, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Research Methods, Current Events, Periodicals, Newspapers, Magazines. Some of our elective courses were: Home Economics, Vocational Agriculture, Wood Shop, Basic Electronics, Drafting and Mechanical Drawing, Auto shop, Welding/Metal working, Economics, General Business, Typing, Fine Arts, Music and Band, Debate, Stage Acting for Plays (Drama?), Spanish, French, and possibly a couple others that have skipped my mind at the moment. Skip school and get caught…get 5 days of detention study hall after last bell of the day for 1 hour each of the 5 days. My High School had approx. 500-600 students in the 4 grades 9-12, in a rural Town of just over 5000 total population between 1960 and 1970. My 12th grade class had approx. 135 students divided almost equally between boys and girls. We had a dress code and it was strictly enforced. Corporal punishment by wooden paddle and with witnesses was allowed back then for certain rule violations. Suspension and expulsion was possible for repeated violations, violence, and pregnancy of girls. Truancy laws were enforced through age 16. Parents were ALWAYS notified if their child got into trouble at school. Parental Permission Slips were required for field trips and extracurricular activities. The schools all had hot lunch cafeterias with good normal nutritious lunches. (NO JUNK FOODS). We had a full Athletic Department. This was only my high school years. 🙂 Lifelong

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