How to Preserve Meat

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    Here are some ideas on how to preserve meat. I think everyone has seen the hams hanging up in the supermarkets. They are on a shelf or hanging on a pole with no cooling what so ever. These hams are either salted or smoked.



    Store meat in your freezer. If you plan to use it within a week you can leave the meat in its original packaging. Otherwise, be sure to rewrap it in tin foil or plastic wrap. Before freezing, trim off excess fat and rinse well.

    Rub salt into your meat. Just take the meat and cut it into blocks. Next, rub coarse salt into each block and pack them in a barrel or keg. Fill in the spaces between blocks with salt for the best preservation.

    Pickle your meat. Storing in vinegar or another acidic solution will prevent bacteria and preserve meat for a long time. This is done by first marinating the meat in brine or vinegar, then storing it over a long period of time in the same solution. Herbs and spices are often added for taste.

    Smoke the meat you obtain while hunting or camping. Prepare a fire in a closed area to trap the smoke. This fire should produce a lot of smoke rather than flame. Slice the meat thinly and drape it over a rack. Smoked overnight in this manner, meat will last about a week.

    Dry your meat. Jerky and other dried and packaged meats have long been an American staple, and dried meat is easy to make on your own. Simply cut the meat into strips and trim off the fat. Next, marinate it and dry with low heat. This will preserve meat for weeks if done properly.

    As always research, research.

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