Howdy from NC another one checking in!

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    Zombie Axe

    Howdy folks,

    Zombie Axe checking in from Western NC. Found this website from Matts excellent Prepper Podcast. For those of you who have an iTunes account be sure to give him some positive feedback.

    I work in the telecommunications field and have many interests. I am a ham radio operator (extra class), love primitive survival techniques, camping/outdoors, homesteading, gardening and growing more passionate about photography… But it seems I never have my digital slr with me, but always my iPhone! Lol

    I am in the never ending process of turning my home into a homestead. I have both bees and chickens and plan on adding other livestock as I learn more and more with each new addition! There is always something to learn!

    I sometimes blog when I get the chance @ Lately I have been working on storm recovery duty in the mountains of NC. Certain parts got an inch of ice on Christmas morning in top of a foot of snow a week before. Just this week is the first time that temps have warmed up enough to do any significant melting!

    Take it easy and 73!


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