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    That sometimes thinking you are prepared isn’t enough! My husband just came up to tell me we are running low on coal. coal, for goodness’ sake!!! Maybe this belongs in the rant section, I don’t know. Can y’all help a stupid prepper-wanna-be out? We have electric heat, which unfortunately still runs in some sections of the house even with the coal. Now the coal will be run dry by no later than mid-february, probably sooner. Our winters here last well into april (it snowed in may last year, but that was not the norm). I am not sure what to do – we can’t afford another ton of coal, but we also can’t afford to pay the inflated electric prices. Well, that’s not entirely true. We could probably afford the coal in a “rob peter to pay paul” kind of way, however in that case, it would be more expensive to heat the house from coal than it would have been to just let the electric run. Then, if the power goes out, we would have to leave. Can you tell I am freaked about this. We have never run outta coal before. 😯
    Sorry, and thanks for reading.

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