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    Hello fellow preppers.

    I was posting some stuff on another site tonight about the economy, and how our country got to the point its at. After putting more thought into what I had said there, I thought of two more items I need.

    #1… A porch swing. If we do make it through a major event, whatever it may be, I would like a porchswing on my front porch to sit in and talk to my neighbers and family, and even passers by.
    You see what led me to this was a discussion about how our lives have gotten so fast lived. It just seems we are all living at max speed. Nobody has time to just sit down for a spell and talk about morals, dignity, values of life, or any meaningful things with our families.
    When I was younger, it was just second nature that come Sunday we were going to one of my grandmothers house to visit. and most of the time weather permitting, the biggest part of that time was spent on the front porch. Us kids would be playing, but no matter how busy we seemed, we heard what the grownups were saying in their conversations and we learned a lot about life that way. In the summer there was always peas and beans to be shelled and such work. We all helped each other to get it all ready to store for the coming winter. It was a God givin time to me now that I think back on it. We had some of the best conversations on those porches. And Grandmaw was always in her swing, kinda keeping quiet untill somebody maybe made a comment about somebody else, and she would tell them quick to let that rest now, and just count your own blessings. To me that was morals. Nobody it seems could do the work we did back then on that porch. We are all to busy with our cell phones, myface, and spacebook. To busy pointing our fingers at others, talking about what ole soand so needs to do. But does any of us offer to help them do it? Mostly NO! I remember many times as a kid and teen being on grandmaws porch and she would see one of the neighbors working on something,, maybe Mrs Sue just got home from shopping, and grandmaw would send us kids to help carry her bags in. Thats RESPECT and COURTESY, two more thing I hardly ever see anymore. If someone in the community was sick the women from our porch cooked food and took to them, are maybe cleaned their house for them. In the fall all the men and boys that were big enough got together and we all cut firewood for everyone in the porch group. I could go on forever about it. It was like Grandmaws front porch held the family together. Just seemed to bring meaning to life.
    We just live to fast to value life and fellow man anymore. Everybody is just busy as a chicken in an ant bed, trying to make more of these damn, (sorry for language) dollars that we say aren’t worth the paper their made of anyway.
    Come to think of it back then You had better get your gas to go to grandmaws on saturday, because there were hardly any store owners greedy enough to be open on Sunday back then around here.

    I earned a lot of degrees around that porch too. Rabbit skinning degree, Squirrell skinning, pea shellin, corn shuckin, chicken pickin,both kinds of chicken picken, removing feathers was one, if any of you play guitar you may know the other chicken picken. lol And God only knows how many tons of fruit and tomatoes were peeled and sliced there.

    #2… A hand cranked ice cream freezer! Have You ever turned that crank? Not so fast now! Turn it slow and steady now! Don’t be eatin that rock salt boy, You don’t know whats on it! lol That has to be one of my favorite front porch Sunday events. You just can’t get ice cream that good now even if you make it at home.

    I want those two items so if we do survive whatever may happen, as we rebuild society maybe I can do my part to try to keep us travelin slow and steady, and on the moraly right track.
    I would advise anybody that can until doomsday to have a front porch, and maybe an icecream freezer, and just slow down once in a while and count your own blessings. Talk to your family about whats going on in your life, and ask whats going on in theirs. Show them simple skills that you know, they may can show you a knew trick or 2 also. Try to do something good, or in my opinion, something thats just right for someone everyday. It doesn’t matter if its as simple as holding a door for a stranger and saying hello with a smile, we just got to slow society down and get back on the RIGHT track.

    Sorry I got so long winded, I’m just a simple minded redneck, and I get cought up in the way it used to be, and still should be in my opinion! 😉

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