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    Thanks to North Idaho Patriot! He emailed me about an opportunity to be interviewed by a local Fox news affiliate, here in PA regarding home prepping. I’ve done interviews before, for the community prepping & awareness work I’ve been involved in, here in PA, so I agreed.

    Reporter & camera guy are coming to my home on Thursday 11AM. I plan to discuss the need for emergency home preparation, what areas should be considered for preparation and have sample items of preparedness supplies. I already told them that they can NOT have access to my pantry, due to my concerns for family safety should TSHTF.

    I’ll try to cover Home prepping needs, including Food, Water, Alternate Electric, Cooking, Sanitation, Communications, X-tra meds/first aid on hand, Bug-out-bags, 72 hour auto kits, college dorm preps. (Think that’ll keep them busy??? 8) ). Whole interview will get sliced and diced down to 1 min. 30 seconds 🙁 .

    I want to emphasize that we are a NORMAL family that is just more aware and prepared above our daily needs. I want to come across as prepping is necessary, but also ‘user-friendly’ in getting started. I figure even if folks don’t prepare to the same levels as many preppers are … anything they do is better than NOTHING. I’ll mention APN, Survival Mom and of course, my EHP site 8) . -k

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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