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    I like spears, they are great walking sticks, and frankly have a ton of uses. Wishing I had got more of them, I found some flat, metal only made in china knives. They are perfect for putting into a long stick and getting a spear going!

    If you need to make a spear, one trick is to fire harden the tip. It will last longer, and wont break off (the tip) so easy. I would also advise cutting a few notches so once it is in, if your purpose is to keep the game from wiggleing off. If you are going to use it against bears, two legged critters and such, I would not notch it, nothing like something trying to get ya and you cant retrieve your protection device.

    I also have used improvised flint, and scrap metal. So, how many of you have a spear experience and use?

    They can be used on fish, and during the winter it is popular to cut a rectange in the ice and spear big muskie and pike. With practice, small game can be had.

    They also make great get away me dog/coyote/wolf pokers!

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