Instant Rice and Prepping

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    I have access to ALL the INSTANT Rice I could ever want or use for free. Im not a huge fan of instant rice, but since its free????? Would YOU store it if you could get all you wanted for free? Im talking literally tons.


    Found this in my file, from the original APN site. It’s a response the to the opening post, above!

    Instant Rice and Prepping — page 2

    –> Lynn LeFey wrote:

    So, being the curious type, I took a serving of my instant rice and put it in a bowl with cold water, to see if it’d rehydrate.

    After about 45 minutes, the rice was mostly softened, with just a few crunchy bits.

    So… it doesn’t even need boiling or even hot water to prepare.

    It sure wasn’t ‘gourmet’, but if we’re talking shtf, I don’t think that really matters. I think it might work particularly well if pared with a canned food that has water in the can. Just use the liquid in the canned food to rehydrate the rice. No waste.

    I’m eating my experiment right now, with a chicken bouillon cube and packet of Taco Bell hot sauce for flavoring. I have little kits in my bug-out bag, and I pack bouillon and over flavor stuff with my instant rice in them. This is the first time I’ve tried it out. Seems to work. Again, not gourmet, but a lot better than starving.

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