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    New to your site so I’ll tell a little about myself. My wife and I were both born in fairbanks and live in the area, we think of ourselfs as alaskans not americans. Im new to computers (only used them since I got hurt at work & am at home healing) so I am unframiliar with most functions or edicut. I’ve worked as a mechanic, welder, deckhand, equipment operator, construction laborer, miner, as well as some other interesting jobs. We don’t think of ourselfs as preppers, but as I discovered we aparently have alot in common with them. Growing up here you notice when there are shortages at the store because of storms or other transportation issues. Most that grow up in alaska have a survival bag that lives in their truck, capible of sustaining life for a week, but you call then bug out bags. We have months (if not a year) of food stored but that is because we garden, hunt, fish & stock up when things are on sale. Fuel is cheeper if you buy it in quantities and store it in 55 gallon drums. Self reliance was taught to us as children because there was not as much infrastructure back then. Helping yourself is the only option when your way out in the bush and something happens, you can’t even call someone so you better have your shit together. We live in town now but are activly looking for a homestead/property to purchase.

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