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    City officials say they’re preparing for the worst, and are ready to evacuate as many as 75,000 people from areas prone to storm surges — massive ocean upswells, 5 to 7 feet high, that can flood low-lying land.

    So where do they go? And if it gets worse, how many will be coming to Jersey? And how will they get here?

    AND – On a brighter note:

    In Springfield Gardens, Queens, rain almost always brings flooding — and the advancing hurricane set residents scrambling to be ready.

    “I’m stocked up on food and canned goods,” said Allen Ortiz. He has built a cinderblock wall several inches high to keep his driveway from flooding, and set up two pumps to clear water out of his basement.

    And storm-savvy New Yorkers were also stocking up yesterday at the Home Depot in Ozone Park. Clifford Singh, who lives nearby, bought several flashlights. Singh is originally from the British Virgin Islands, where they know hurricanes. “I’ve bought water, groceries, everything,” he said. “I always stock up.”

    I think Allen Ortiz and Clifford Singh should be invited to this forum. . . :thumbsup:

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