Is the "Big Wakeup Call" here????

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    Ok so most folks know the official govt release a couple days ago on climate change and how it isn’t coming, it is already here. Since that report the major news outlets, CNN, Fox, MSNBC ,etc, have been running stories on this. Today the Weather Channel ran a story on the ongoing Midwest drought and what it means for most people. One expert has warned we may be on the fringe of another Dust Bowl era and folks need to be ready. Of course we as preppers all say “duh we told you so”. But here is the question. Are we nearing the tipping point where all of the “sheeple” indeed wake up and do what sheeple do- PANIC!! As preppers we may be nearing what we have feared. A point where all those people who thought the food would never run low and the wine would flow like water realize it is drying up. If this is indeed that point we need to be more ready than we have ever been. Imagine global drought, crops dying, store shelves empty. I for one think we as preppers need to be more focused than ever on being as ready as we can. Buy more seed today. Store a little more water today. I personally think preppers around this area need more communication. We need a barter system. We need to know each other. If the panic begins preppers would know where to trade and who to trust a little more. Because no one will come rescue us if everyone is in the same boat. Discuss.

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