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    This film is was really a bit too far ahead of its time, but the social commentary is relevant to the current situation. The plot revolves around a drifter, played by Roddy Piper, who is going from town to town doing handyman and construction work. His motto is, an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Then he stumbles across a pair of sunglasses which shows the world as it really is: dominated by hideous aliens intent on keeping humanity dumbed-down, servile and consumeristic. He then sets out to show friends and acquaintances what “reality” really is, but they resist fiercely.

    Really, it’s a movie about “sheeple” before the word was even coined.

    I recommend this film to everyone who is concerned about the way the country is headed, and why so few seem to be alarmed about it. Not that I believe extraterrestrials are running the show in Washington. But our leaders are certainly as alien, in their own way, as the creatures in “They Live”.

    No nudity or sex, some mild sweating, and average violence … except for what has to be the longest knock-down, drag-out fight scene ever filmed. Like all of Carpenter’s films, its very dark, edgy and creepy. Hard to find at the local video store, but you can buy DVDs at Amazon and elsewhere.

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