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    With all the attempts at divisiveness going on among leadership in this country today….in every facet that can be dreamed up and manipulated/managed by phony media and the two phony political Parties..Something made me take out my set of the John Jakes movie series..”The North and South.”

    Though I have not watched it in some years is still as enjoyable as it was when first I watched it.

    I was looking at the pattern on both sides of media manipulation in leadership and politics..and among the ordinary people.

    And extending that to todays techinques going on aplenty around us.

    How it today tends to divide up families …along manipulated belief systems. Many who do not know they are being manipulated or misinformed….put on the string without knowing much history.

    I hope and pray it does not come down again to a nation divided..but is certainly seems as if someone is trying once again to so do to a vulnerable and gullible people.

    Nonetheless..I still enjoy watching “The North and South” and keep it as one of my best of series.

    I also have on order…the series from the James Clavelle series…Tai Pan and Noble house about the orient and the opium business in and about Hong Kong.

    I enjoyed that historical fiction as well. Also his book done into a movie about WW2 Prison “King Rat.” “Shogun” was enjoyable as well.

    Another recent release for which I have also thoroughly enjoyed it Russell Crowe…in “The Water Diviner” about a father seeking to return his boys bodies to Australia after they had died at the battle of Gallipoli in WW1.

    Most people have never heard of Gallipoli and what happened to the Australian Army there …as well as the Turks..the horrible waste of men in the carnage.

    The Allied Army never did get off the beach and move inland..their whole invasion was a disaster to the loss of huge amounts of men on both sides.

    I believe this burned in the back of everyone’s mind when WW2 came about ..the horrible lessons of Gallipoli.

    But nonetheless I enjoyed the movie the period settings and costumes..the customs of the people. That part I verily enjoy in these types of movies. Today they go to great lengths to built a more historically accurate stage settings…costumes and reproduce the customs etc etc.

    Concerning John Jakes :”The North And South” the “How they made these movies… The North and South represents a change in much of how a movie is made in more attention to detail of the sets and costumes…even to the point of enlisting re enactors who know much about the time, history, how a camp was set up…to add numerous fine details to the script.
    I find that fascinating in how they made that movie and continue to so do today.

    Since The North and South..I note that many more movies go to greater lengths to make more accurate sets and costumes etc etc et al. I verily appreciate this attention to detail taking place in the art today.

    I do like to visit my older movie collection from time to time.


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