July 2019 – What Did You Do to Prep THis Week/Month?

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    Wow! No one has started the new month yet! Guess I’ll have to start.

    Brought my yearling Dexter heifer home today. At first, I wasn’t sure how our 5-year-old cow would react (ESPECIALLY since heifer is polled, and the older one has horns and DEFINITELY knows how to use them!) I stayed in the pen with them shoveling manure so that I could keep an eye on them. After some initial chasing around, Belle (the older cow) started rubbing her head/chin all over Orla’s body (I think she was “scent-marking” her) and then started licking her. I think she’s adopted her.

    Also made a run in to town. Got some .45 ammo for son-in-law (he’d given me money to pick it up for him), a salt/mineral block for the cattle and goats, and a new pair of boots (brand/type recommended by my podiatrist, as they have the type of footbed my feet need.) Then gassed up the car and ran it through the car wash (I need to scrape off the top layer of dirt every month or so) then added some money to my prepaid card (I use it for online orders, to limit my risk) then went to Home Despot. Found a Tangerine tree (the ONLY one they had!) as well as a nice, THORNY blackberry plant (ALSO the only one they had.)

    After getting everything home and getting the plants into the greenhouse and getting them watered, then feeding animals, milking, and gathering eggs, took the truck back to the farm/ranch store to get a “bunk feeder” for the cows.


    Made a batch of mozzarella yesterday, and making Feta today


    Made chevre (a soft goat cheese) yesterday (ended up with a pound and a quarter) and making mozzarella (again) today.


    Thanks, Ice!

    I had a family reunion going on the last 18 days, so preps went out the window. We did have a blast though, and found out one of the families has begun prepping so we had a lot to talk about!

    On the prepping front, Husband took the last of the family to the airport (in another state), and then decided to stop at the local Bishop’s Warehouse in the area…Cans of flour, oatmeal, apple slices, noodles, drink mix, and instant potatoes, plus bags of 2 kinds of wheat. There might be other things, not sure what all he got, but it went into inventory. Shelf life is 30 years on all he bought.

    On the home front, I got two cabbages from the plants that supposedly weren’t supposed to reproduce. 🙂 Also got bell peppers growing well, we used one for French Dip sandwiches. The tomatoes are coming in, too.

    I’ve resisted buying a Kitchen-Aid mixer for years due to high cost of the steel shank kind…Husband found it on Amazon Prime day for half off. So I have one coming soon! He got a battery charger to run several small appliances should the power go out.


    Got the KitchenAid – haven’t used it yet, but I will. We also got an air-fryer and have made some tasty things in it – I’m sold on it!

    Today, I finished sewing the 4 patio chair cushion covers that have been on my sewing list for years. More sewing chores are on the list, need to get them done!


    Made the trek to the city yesterday (90 miles 1 way) for a Sam’s/Costco/Trader Joe’s run. Stopped at the home brew store first, because I wanted to get more rennet, cheese salt, and cultures (got cultures for Crème Fraiche, sour cream, and buttermilk) and also got a cheese press and cheese wax, so now I can make hard cheeses, as well. Picked up some gluten free pasta. Daughter is on an anti-inflammatory diet, so things not only need to be gluten free, but cow dairy (She can have goat dairy, which is why I’m making goat cheeses) AND soy free, as well. Amazing how many gluten-free (as well as regular) food products have soy in them!


    Today was grocery shopping and yard sale day.

    Husband wants to begin the winter prepping, so we bought a few things at the grocery store…

    2 cans BBQ beans
    2 cans tuna
    2 jars spaghetti sauce
    Large bag of Lifesavers hard candy (will replace the 10 year old stuff)
    Paper plates, bowls, and plastic utensils (to replace what was used at family reunion)
    New water bowl for the cats

    Yard sales:

    22 yards (maybe more) of assorted fabrics – $10
    Pendleton wool blanket (retail $99) – FREE
    Ozark Trails backpack with water bladder – $5
    2 new Stanley thermoses (regular and wide mouth) – $15
    Izod fleece shirt for me – 25 cents
    Fleece shirt for Husband – $1
    Harvard Medical Guide – $2


    Nice score on the Pendleton blanket, Cin! How’d you manage to pull THAT one off?

    Illini Warrior

    I’ve got a big collection of Stanley thermos bottles – but it’s damn hard to pass one up when it’s only a buck – just got a super clean wide mouth at a church rummage sale – the big 2 quart jumbo are a little more rare and worth the usual $3-$5 …. the Stanley lunchboxes that hold a thermos are a nice unit to have around ..

    don’t run across many of the 1/2 gallon canning jars – just a single once & awhile >>> found 8 this last weekend and only a total of $2.50 – usually a $1/jar ….


    Nice score on the canning jars, Illini Warrior! The 1/2 gallon ones (new) usually are about $13 for 6. Ya done good!


    Wow – Illini – that is a great score!

    Ice – I think the dude was wanting to just get rid of stuff, it was his parents home, they’ve been in a nursing home a few years and I suspect his wife probably said it’s time. He seemed a little overwhelmed and when Husband brought up both thermoses and he couldn’t find a price on the blanket, he threw it in for free.

    I don’t usually got to town Sundays but we had to d something for my Dad’s birthday, so while in town, I stocked up on vinegar. I’m using it more and more in cleaning as some of the scented cleaning supplies are making me have a little bit of respiratory problems. I need to learn to make it myself…

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