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    Something occurred to me during (yes during..I know….) my morning meditation today which was, to me, a good reminder of sorts.

    I’m proud of my prepping. I am gleeful when I score a particular need and pack it away. Shoot sometimes I dislocate my shoulder patting my self on the back for my preparedness. I look upon the nay sayers of prepping with disdain (are they blind?), I snort with displeasure over overconsumption and waste, and I skillfully and commitedly inventory my stores, adding to the list of things that will get me thru when/if the shtf. I imagine my family fed, when others aren’t. And therein was the reminder;

    I need to quickly differentiate between homesteaders and off the gridders. I think we all aspire to that, but we would do so no matter what the economy or condition of this wonderful country, the advantages are endless to a simple, healthy, offgrid lifestyle. I’m mostly speaking about job holding city dwellers who prep more for economic meltdown, or pandemic, or peak oil, reasons.

    It’s safe to say, should the intrastructures and economy tank, that cities would burn. We who can flee to the countrysides, and can make a reasonable effort to produce food will have the distinct advantage, will. But millions will be unable to take care of themselves, they will have no idea how to go about it. Children will die for want of food. It will be a horrible horrible thing. Where safety and order and honor will go right out the window.

    I guess what I am trying to say is this. When I prep, I will be sure to consider what I might be prepping for. It is not a game. And I’ll send out a prayer that more folks catch on quickly, and that the children of the future have one. Could you, would you share with a starving child? 10 starving children? Just some thoughts……..thanks for reading.

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