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    okie B

    So if you’ve read the off the grid forum, you know I’ve been trying to self-educate myself about electricity and alternative means of having electricity in the house in case power from the grid goes out. I did get a book yesterday about electricity basics, and one of the early sections was talking about electrons (negative charge), neutrons (absence of charge), and protons (positive charge). I tend to learn in “stories” — I’m a huge language skills learner — so I started trying to re-think the information in ways that would help make it stick for me. Just thought I’d share…

    These are the atoms of my day yesterday…
    Husband decided to leave two loaves of bread dough in the oven overnight to rise…
    Electron: The dough rose way too much and made a huge mess.
    Neutron: I convinced the hubbs to go ahead and bake them anyway.
    Proton: The bread tastes wonderful.

    Went to work. Boss is still out of town on vacation…
    Electron: I like my boss. I kind of miss him when he’s out of the office.
    Neutron: There really wasn’t much to do to keep busy.
    Proton: I was able to spend quite a long time reading on the boards and doing research.

    Decided to go to the bookstore on my lunch break and found a book that teaches the rudimentary basics of electricity…
    Neutron: It didn’t really cost that much.
    Proton: I aced the first chapter and the test.
    Electron: I got completely lost a few pages into the second chapter.

    It was a beautiful 65 degree sunshiney day yesterday…
    Proton: It was a beautiful 65 degree sunshiney day yesterday.
    Neutron: I still had to be at work.
    Electron: Weather forecasters predicted a massive winter storm for today.

    Ice and snow were predicted for today, and the governor pre-emptively declared a state of emergency for the state…
    Proton: I’m a prepper!
    Neutron: We could end up losing electricity for a while.
    Electron: I used the last of our fresh milk the night before eating homemade bread.

    I stopped by the store on my way home from work…
    Electron: The place was a friggin’ madhouse!
    Neutron: I didn’t need to pick up much.
    Proton: I found a parking spot in the lot.

    The store was absolutely packed…
    Proton: Okies are usually a pretty nice, considerate group of people.
    Neutron: Not so much during an emergency.
    Electron: I was nearly run over by a little old lady in an electronic scooter cart.

    The roads were packed with people trying to finish getting ready for the storm and to get home…
    Proton: I have plenty of gas and my car is well-maintained.
    Neutron: People were driving ridiculously crazy.
    Electron: I realized that I had failed to properly place my bags of groceries in the back seat when the guy in front of me slammed on his brakes.

    I got home in one piece and was told by the boss to plan on not going to work today…
    Proton: I’m home, I’m prepped, and I get to play today!
    Neutron: The storm has arrived, and we are starting to get iced over.
    Electron: If we lose electricity, I won’t be able to get on the computer and scope out the forum!

    So there you have it…my story to help reinforce my learning about electricity. Thought it was kind of funny and thought I would share.

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