Just joined Anyone in the south metro or southern Minnesota.

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    Good Evening Everyone,

    I can no longer deny that something may be wrong and would like to be ready in case of economic collapse/WROL natural disasters etc. Mainly a disruption in the delivery of goods and services and a break down in security. I am an Iraq Vet (combat decorated) have worked in military police, intel, weapons and tactics, infantry. looking to learn and gain the necessary knowledge and also at some point join a group at a homestead or farm. I am also a family man, so please no craziness the world is ever changing, i do not think it would be the end but we are in for tough times for sure. I am hopeful because i have faith. looking forward to finding out if there are any groups south of the metro or in the south metro.

    P.S. I have friends that are on the same page.


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