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    hello to everyone. as my screen name suggests, i am an advanced practice nurse and reside in phelps county, missouri. i am not at all new to prepping, but my prepping has been sort of a “scattershot” affair, rather than a well organized build up of supplies and plans. in large part this is due to me being the only one in the family that seems to be concerned, and some other family problems that have diverted my attention and resources. plus, i am still working fulltime and that work is away from home, so i am only home about half the time.

    i have seen problems coming for many years now, and have been trying to prepare as best as i could. so far have water and food for several months, plus most of the other “basic” items one would need. my biggest concern to date is to hook up with other preppers and see if we can hook up when the time is necessary. clearly, surviving is going to require a dedicated group of some sort, for many reasons, such as security, manpower for labor, different specialties and knowledge/skills and so forth.

    i am hoping to “retire” in a year or so at which time i can devote all my efforts and time to becoming better prepared. my attitude is totally defensive in nature, as i have no desire to harm others or take after the govt. or anything like that. basically, i just want to be left alone to live my life as i see fit, so long as it does not interfere with others. i call that liberty, which is something we are running out of very quickly.

    well, that is a bit about me for starters. didn’t mean to be so long-winded, but this is my introduction. glad to be here and hope to learn a great deal about prepping and getting myself and family squared away. thanks, and bless all of you.

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