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    In April 2000, I asked a group of Verndale, Minn. (pop. 469) sixth-graders to predict what cars, housing, food and technology would be like in 2025. I came across their responses the other day while sorting papers, and thought some are worth sharing here.

    Although the 10- to 11-year-olds had concerns about our environment, many predicted houses would get even bigger and people would have mountains of money. A loss of fresh produce worried some, but the answer for others was to eat food pills.

    Solar power and voice activation were repeated often in their answers, so maybe they were studying those topics at the time. Or perhaps a hit movie dealt with those themes.

    I wonder if city children would have had different predictions than these farm kids did. I also wonder if children today would be as optimistic as these kids and envision the same Jetson-type future. I find it interesting how many assume that technology’s function is to create a labor-free existence for us.

    Below are some of the kids’ responses:


    I think that in 25 years, life really won’t change much. I’m sure it will change some. We won’t need gas or stuff like that to run cars. Our technology will advance a lot. The world’s problems won’t get better. They probably will get worse.

    Scientists will discover another energy to make cars run, which will be cheaper so there will be fewer Amish people.

    We will have really fast electric cars and we will still be living on Earth.

    I think that we will be all driving solar-powered cars. Everyone would have a computer and would just do their job there.

    We will have cars that fly in the air and we will be able to control the weather.

    We will have solar-powered cars and trucks that can fly, and everybody will be rich and famous and live in huge houses.

    I think in 25 years it will be basically the same as it is right now, except there will be a lot more people. We will have cars that can go over 500 mph and are solar-powered.

    The cars are going to be able to fly.

    I think that we will be able to fly.

    The Earth will be a lot different. There will probably be weird solar-powered cars and robots for teachers.

    Everything will be run by solar energy. Solar energy will be on all vehicles.

    We will be able to talk to people through a watch. Cars will be battery operated and run on solar power.

    In 25 years, I think that the rapture will happen, and everything will stay the same except for the clothes we wear and cars will change, but nothing too big except for the rapture.

    There will be no pollution with cars.


    I think there will be credit cards. We won’t have regular money except for the poor.

    Everyone is going to have at least $200,000 in their pocket for pocket change.

    Bill Gates will die and his will will say to put money in a charity, or most of it, so it will help the sick.

    Barely anyone will carry cash around in their pockets. Everyone will mostly be using credit cards and stuff like that.

    Money probably won’t be paper or cash. It will all be coins.

    Everyone is going to have a barcode on their arm. The money will be shown if you bring a scanner.

    Money will be no more and everyone will use credit cards instead.

    When you get paid, it will all go straight to the bank and put in your account.

    People will be their own boss of the businesses and not have to work for bad people. Cigarettes will be outlawed, or any drug.

    Everyone will be very wealthy. Instead of dollar bills and coins, there will be just like credit cards and you will never have to pay your bill.

    There will be more money brought up in 25 years.


    Everybody will live in apartments that are activated by voice.

    Everybody will have huge houses and it will be voice activated and you’ll have a robot housecleaner.

    Housing will be basically the same except a lot larger and everything will be computerized.

    Houses will have different materials in it, and everything will be voice activated.

    We will live in dome houses.

    Homes will be required by law to be solar-powered because of all the pollution. Every house will be built with a computer.

    Everyone will have a computer and big TVs, but the house will stay the same.

    The houses will look older because, of course, they’ll be 25 years older.

    Houses will be computerized so you can walk right through your own door and no one else can.

    Housing will be the same except there will be a lot more technology.


    I don’t think that there will be fresh fruits or veggies because of pollution. But we will have vapor food, where all we do is add water and eat.

    Food will be the same except no fresh veggies or fruits.

    Food will be the same as now except it will be irradiated.

    Everything will be instant.

    Food will be like tablets.

    Food will be the same. That way, people stay healthy.

    Everybody will eat fast food. Specialties will be extinct, such as lobster, whale and octopus.

    Food will be the same – just more recipes.


    All computers will be handheld or voice activated.

    We will have little pills for food and robots for teachers and bosses.

    More things will be remote control and computer ran, with more solar-powered things rather than use all the gas up.

    Technology will be a lot better with planes that go over 10,000 mph.

    The world of technology will be based on robot workers and computer teachers.

    Man will be on Mars and they will have a superstation on the Moon.

    The TVs, computers and cars will be all gone.

    We will have laser swords.

    Everything will be solar powered. We will all be taught by robots and have robot maids.

    Everyone will be wearing plastic clothes.

    Technology will be better because more people will have a better education.

    There will be bigger stereos, and they might make PlayStation a lot different, and lasers you can buy at local stores to hunt with.

    There will be more diseases, but medicine will be better to cure them.

    Verndale will have a population of 0. There won’t be Verndale.

    Technology will change. Fashion will change. But I think the Lord will come before that happens.

    Technology will be scary to know what they can do with it. Right now, people in space can know if you are taking a shower. They can stand hundreds of yards away and can listen to what you say. I really don’t want to know what technology will be like in 25 years.

    Posted by Mrs. WaterBoy

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