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    I was working on my “bob” the other day. That’s when I realized that I have not seen this type of knife posted, a dive knife. I haven’t gone diving since the late “80’s”, but I still have a few things left over. My knife is made from stainless steal and designed not to rust. It has a bone saw, rope cutter and is Razer, Razer sharp. My knife was designed to cut through a shark. A shark is very difficult to cut through with a standard knife, almost impossible. A lot of dive knifes will cut through animals hide like they are rice paper. Oh, and it has a nice rubber handle that feels great in the hand and doesn’t slip.

    My dive knife compared to a Kabar and a Buck Knife:

    A lot of dive equipment is expensive, but I’m sure most here know how to shop wisely.

    If you see a dive light the size of a spot light, don’t buy it. It is designed to work under water and will burn out. Of Course, the small ones are fine. There are a great deal of other dive equipment to look for. Neoprene gloves for the winter, very warm. Here are a couple of other examples:

    Pry Bar:

    Rope cutter, sharper then any knife.

    Other knife example:

    Multi Use Tool:

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