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    Silent Bob

    As a Survivalist we know that there can be no room for error in our equipment , we should get the best quality that we can affoard and always look to upgrade as the $$$ permits. But there is those that are living paycheck to paycheck and have a few $$ left at the end of the week for survival items.
    For those starting out on the road to prepardness here is a couple of sheath knives that I have and have used that I would recomend to those with limited funds.
    The first is the {Finn Bear} I got mine and use it outside doing a lot of yard work with and it has held up well . I don’t know how much abuse it would take like trying to chop a small tree or digging rocks out of the ground , but for $12.99 I think that it is a good deal.
    At work…SKU=CS20PC


    The second is made by Frosts . Be careful that you don’t get Frosts and Frost confused. Frost in my opinion does not have the quality for the money.
    This sheath knife is the Frosts {Swedish Army Knife} I have used this for a long time and like it . It feels good in your hands and has good steel . I have cleaned deer and even cut through deer brest bone with it . I have at least one in all my packs and my get me home bag. I usually have a couple that I carry to campouts for gifts. The price on it is $9.99 and well worth it .…KU=FS760MG

    The above is just my opinion and I have no intrest in this company.

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