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    Lately I have been pondering events that could transpire in the event that TSHTF. Most likely these events WILL transpire and we need to be mentally prepared for them:

    I grew up comfortably middle class and we had the “normal” family – mom, dad and 2 kids. We lived in a quiet neighborhood in a middle sized town. I could ride my bike for blocks and not have to worry about being kidnapped and tortured. We belonged, or were members of a pool so I could spend my days in childhood swimming with friends and just hanging out. I didn’t even know the bad part of our town existed until I was a senior. I didn’t do drugs, now I knew about the “pot smokers” in our school and didn’t hang with them. I didn’t even really learn to drink until my senior year, toward the end of it and I didn’t “party” until college. Yes, I was very sheltered. Okay now that we have established that I was spoiled, I can share that I always read a lot and I devoured books by the tons and would panic if I was out of books to read. This continued into my adulthood. Looking back, I was totally different in my mind than most of the people I knew and or hung out with. I have always been different. I always read books that talked about the collapse of society or major earth changes and what not. I read books on killers and people who lived in the woods etc. I have always been “odd” and I hated that. I wanted to be “normal” but that never happened. Looking back, I can see that in my mind I was made different for a reason. Look where we are heading now.

    I am not streetwise in my life, in reality, but I am in my head. I am good at looking beneath the surface of a situation and grasping the undercurrents of what is really going on. The nuanace per say. This may do me well in the future.

    I have been married, had 4 children and then divorced (my choice). I met a man, the Hubster and we lived together for 5 years before we were married. I found and accepted YWHW during that time. My life has done a turn about. The Hubster is military and he was in Special Ops as well. His mind set was much different than mine for a long time. Now the gap is closing. He won’t take much BS and he will tell you straight to your face what is what and if you don’t like it then – well you know. Took me awhile to get used to that. But, the good things with him are: you know where you stand and if you are mad at him – tell him, fight with him – yell and scream. I always know which way is up – no games. I like that. He has brought me out of my shell and I can now stand my ground. He has also been instrumental in changing my mindset. He has helped to change my mindset into one of survival. As he likes to say “center mass.” You know what I mean. This is not a game. This is your survival and you have to KNOW it and KNOW it well. You have to KNOW that you will not freeze up in a situation and that you can do what must be done in a bad situation.

    All of these have brought to where I am now. You need to get here too in your mind:

    You need to come to terms with the fact that you may be forced to harm or kill someone in the future to protect and or save yourself or your family. That is easy to write but not to KNOW. And you need to get to the point that you KNOW that. You need to know that if you have to pull the trigger you can. You have to KNOW that you will stand up for what is right. You have to KNOW that you have what it takes to survive. You have to KNOW that you will give your life to protect your loved ones. You have to KNOW that you will not fail. It is mindset.

    You have to KNOW that you can do things and figure things out to make survival have a better chance in your life. Prepping is a step in that direction – the first food you put back is a baby step toward awareness and survival. Everyday that you read more and that you prep more is moving in the direction of survival. It will change your mindset. It will enable you to become stronger in the face of adversity, that you can do this and that you will. You have to be strong and hit this head on, no backing down. Decide.

    Realize that life will change as we know it. As we have been brainwashed into believing it will always be. Life will not be easy, it will not be spoiled. It will become about survival. We are not immune to change but it is up to you to learn to adapt to the changes that are coming our way.

    You need to look deep into yourself and rewire your head a bit and change your mindset.

    You need to think all the time about how it may be and what will you do. What will you do if a group of strangers approach your house? Are you going to open the door to them and let them in or are you going to approach the situation a little more cautiously? I would hope that you would not be so desperate for any news or contact with other people that you will have a plan already in place to deal with this. What will you do if they try to come in under force? Stand there and shake and quiver thereby giving them the upper hand? You need to be able to deal with this first in your mind and then have plans for this.

    What I am trying to say is to start prepping your mind. Get into the KNOWING. KNOW that you can do this. Get some streetsmarts. Get streetwise. You will need this.

    KNOW yourself and KNOW you can meet the challenge of survival.


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