Learned My Lesson from the Tornado

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    A couple of years ago I moved to NC and bought a handyman that I never planned to be in this long. As circumstances and the economy would have it, I’m still here. Well a couple of weeks ago, I was on this forum when I noticed a new thread that Readymom had posted entitled, “No. Carolina (Charlotte area): Tornado Watch”. Well I thought, that’s an hour away and I that’s why there was a wicked thunder and lightning storm going on outside. So I was posting away when the siren’s went off. The winds were really picking up and the SHTF outside. Tornado were beginning to drop around my house. Three of them were close. The worst one, I’m almost positive from what I’ve heard, was just a couple of blocks away. This was the one shown on national news. I was never able to confirm how many dropped that night, but I heard up to six in my town. I saw the destruction from three. The link from that post is below.


    There were many problems why I couldn’t go into the basement, so we prepared the closet in the middle of the house and rounded up the pets. The people that owned this house did not keep it up well. There are four window openings in the part full, part crawl space basement. The glass was gone and they used flimsy wood and plastic to cover the holes. There are spaces all around extremely weak rotting frame. Towards the front of the house is a porch covered with boards which have spaces between them. I have spent the last couple of weekends ripping out a couple of windows and using brick and mortar to fill them in. I plan on adding to the half wall or building one to block off the porch. I’ve been through many tornado’s in my life, but I never was so vulnerable. I kept a level head and never once did I panic, I kept posting and going outside to check the skies, while the news was cranked up. We planned for bad weather from day one, but I never thought anything would happen here. I can’t wait until I get out of this place, but until then, I’ll be prepared! :thumbup: In closing, I want to thank ReadyMom for her post and the others that were around and showed concern for the safety of my family. Thanks to all of you!

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