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    I’ve been homeschooling my kids for a few years. It seems to me that my kids are at or above grade level( I’m not sure how exactly you figure public school grade level so its just a guess). In most core subjects years above grade level. So my question is how do all you other homeschooling families judge if your kids are Really Learning the material? If you had to put them in school how do you know what year? Does the school stick them in the classes based on age? Or is there some form of testing to tell them grade level? I’m about at the end of my ability to teach her. We are entering the ” higher math” arena and I’m pretty sure I would do more harm than good trying to teach trig.or calculus.lol. As far as reading/ writing I am sure she can keep up/ exel at a highschool level. History is not an issue. Science may be although I’m sure we have the basics covered (better than adequate)
    I’m not a big fan of testing although we do have some tests. I was thinking of purchasing one of those CAT test kits for my 12yo just to see if she’s on grade level or if she should be going to highschool next year.
    Just an fyi we don’t homeschool in highschool they will go to a private Christian highschool.

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