Lightweight Solar Sunstove

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    The Fabricated SUNSTOVE solar cooker was designed to be mass produced with hand tools and materials that are available in every country. The unit is affordable (materials cost less than USD $10.00) and it weighs under 5 kilograms, thus is easy to move or store (it hangs easily on a wall). It cooks 5 to 6 liters of food for a family. It is high quality, weather resistant, and user friendly. The SUNSTOVE stacks (nests together) for low-cost packaging and shipping. (Ten fit in the back seat of a car.) The unit is an ideal cottage industry because it does not require expensive machinery or facilities. It uses local materials, and only needs hand tools to manufacture.


    Hand riveter and rivets; industrial stapler and staples
    Hand staple gun and staples; hammer and large tacks
    Screwdriver, wood screws, nails, and paint brush
    Tape measure, wood saw, tin snips, scissors, knife
    THE KEY: Scrap Aluminum, Lithograph Printing Plates

    They are available from newspapers or commercial printers and the government press in every country for the price of scrap aluminum. A reflecting interior wall and exterior case can be fabricated from these plates. They reflect the sun’s rays to the cooking pots, will not rust and, painted black, they absorb and retain the sun’s energy. Best of all they are low cost. A common size is 770mm x 1030mm (30″ x 40″). Different sized plates can be riveted together or the cooker can be designed to use the plates available in any country.

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