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    Hi, I’m new to this site. I’m a SAHM to 2 preschoolers in central OK. I found this site, indirectly, from Survival Chic on Facebook. I am a homeschooler and an independent seller of Usborne books (″ onclick=”;return false). I love canning and preserving, needlepoint, sewing and working in my garden with my kids. I am also the head (and currently sole member on the leadership team) of the Moore Community Garden, where not-for-profits adopt beds and the majority of the produce raised is donated to the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank. 2009 was our inaugural year and we donated over 50 lbs of produce to the food bank. This is the first of its kind in our quiet suburb and I am very excited to be a part of it (” onclick=”;return false)

    My DH and I have many discussions about the current economic state and, even in OK where we are more buffered, we are seeing changes that dishearten us. I am glad to find a venue where I can read up on what’s important to put aside and what’s really not. Thank you for this site. I plan to be here often in my down time. Better to be safe than sorry, right? 🙂

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