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    okie B

    While I would love to be off the grid, it is just not feasible at the moment or even anytime in the foreseeable future. Being dependent upon the grid for electricity, and knowing that service can be lost in an ice storm, a wind storm, a tornado, or any other number of events, has brought to mind a problem that we have faced in the past, and I would sure appreciate any thoughts or ideas on how anyone here thinks we might address the issue.

    My husband has sleep apnea, and it’s pretty severe. He has to sleep with a C-pap — a machine that continuously pushes air into his nostrils through a mask. It is an electric machine. During those times when we have been without power in the past, he has a lot of difficulty even sleeping at all, and what sleep he does get is miserable. He has tried alternative therapies to the C-pap, and nothing works. He has to have this machine.

    I know next to nothing about electricity. I know that if I want something to work, I must plug it in. If the plug doesn’t fit, turn it around. If it still doesn’t fit, yell for hubby. I know there is a breaker box in the garage — handle one way, things work, handle the other way, things don’t work. That’s just about the extent of my knowledge of electricity. Oh yes, and it can kill you.

    So. First, what other information do I need to find out in order to make an informed, viable, conscientous plan or would be helpful to know in this situation? Second, what kinds of ideas or options do any of you even think would be possible to consider? Third, what kind of information would be beneficial for me to educate myself on?

    It would be nice to have electricity for everything in a worst-case scenario, but I’m trying to be a realist here, and I know that this machine is priority number one at our house. I know that a generator is one option, but the biggest problem I foresee with that is the storage of the fuel for a generator. It might help us for a few days, but any longer than that and we would have a fuel issue (and we have had ice storms in the past that have left us without electricity for over a week). Any ideas, thoughts, information , or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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