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    T Willy

    (Not really sure where this one belongs…probably under Rant and Rave, but it seems more intellectual than that…heck with it)

    It’s no secret that police brutality has become a hot-button issue in American society. You know something is wrong when there are instructional videos being released call “A Citizen’s Guide Surviving Police Encounters.” We’ve seen the tape of the DC detective brandishing his firearm when his vehicle was hit by a snowball, or the NY policeman who arrested a member of the press for filming him, replying to protests by saying, “I can do whatever I want.” A surveillance society works both ways, and thanks to Joe Public, many injustices have been shamelessly posted on the internet, sparking outrage, and usually insuring that the guilty will pay.

    But I think it’s time we had a little chat. There’s a hidden danger in the people’s zealous attempts to ‘stick it to the man’. A danger that goes far beyond cops and politics.

    Let me be clear: there is no excuse for police officers or any government official breaking the law and claim to be enforcing it. That being said, every time I see a new incident, the majority of comments are not hinting, but openly calling for the blood of the officers involved. The worst part of it is that those of us who have a more realistic (and merciful) suggestion, are immediately labeled as “one of them” or a “supporter” and even “anti-patriotic”.

    Do the words “Reign of Terror” mean anything to you people?

    Allow me to elaborate.

    After the French Revolution of 1789, a party called the Jacobins took power. They were radicals who hated the monarchy with a passion. Their leader was a man by the name of Maximilian Rospiere, “The Incorruptible.” His party, being the majority, decided that all traces of the previous regime should be exterminated. This led to the death of Louis the XVI. Louis was a tyrant, worse than George III, but there were plenty of French content with the idea of letting the king (held captive until his execution) live out his life under house arrest. Rospiere said, “Louis must die so France can live.”

    The Jacobins wouldn’t stop with the king however, no, their bloodlust was insatiable.

    Enter the Committee of Public Safety, an organization founded to save the ‘revolution’ at all costs.

    Under their decrees, nobles were stripped of their money and property, religion was banned, 300,000 men were drafted into the French army to fight the nation’s enemies (Prussia, Austria, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Holland and the Northern Italian States, most of these were connected to the royal family somehow), and the use of courtesy titles (Mr., Mrs., etc) was also forbidden. They were determined to stamp out all royal sympathizers.

    When Rospiere’s friend Dr. Morat is murdered, he suspects there are conspirators working against him. From 1793-1794, 16,000 men and women are beheaded. Many of them were executed merely on suspicion, but some, like Marie Antoinette, had false charges trumped against them. According to witness accounts, the streets of Paris were so laden with blood that animals refused to cross it, forcing them to move the guillotine elsewhere. It’s also worth noting that this era horrified the American ambassadors.

    The reign ended with the death of Rospiere, who was executed by the Committee when they realized he was completely insane and would never stop. Even then, the blood kept flowing. A new party took power and imprisoned all of the Jacobins instead, continuing the executions. It’s only when Napoleon rises as Emperor of France does the senseless violence truly stop…for a time.

    So what does this have to do with cops or anything else in government?


    We hate bad guys. Sadly, sometimes the bad guys are the most unlikely people. Those who hate cops will cite many instances when legitimate crimes were committed by men who are supposed to be on our side (Kent State, Katrina, G-20, etc). They use these isolated cases to label all cops/military/federal employees as no good thugs who live to kill. And, like the Jacobins, they harass and intimidate anyone who believes there is dignity and honor left in the thin blue line.

    This is where logic and reason die.

    Fanaticism is born.

    They have become the very thing they despised.

    The cops have committed crimes against us? What about the crimes people commit against them on a daily basis?

    I was recently browsing through the comments on a recently posted article on another incident involving police brutality. To my shock and shame, many comments said something like, “We’re coming to get you pigs, and if we can’t find you, your families will pay the price!” This could not be any more anti-American, and I dare say these people are not only traitors but enemies of true patriotism.


    If you truly believed in the republic, you would hate these crimes, but insist, despite your anger, that they stand trial, because, after all, that’s what this nation prides itself as: as place where ninety-nine people can never strip one person of their inalienable rights.

    However, these people are so adamant about their ‘cause’ they will retaliate by further declaring, “They’ve had it coming! They have no rights! They don’t deserve any!”

    They have no rights? Isn’t that why you’re mad at the government to begin with, they infringe upon your rights? (At this point, if the ‘discussion’ has turned into mindless swearing and name-calling, you might as well give up and move on to someone more reasonable.)

    Can’t you see what this kind of thinking leads to?

    You don’t trust the police, assuming they are all bad and they are out to get you. You detest living in fear, so you get angry. This breeds hatred for them. You dismiss all possibilities of ‘good cops’.

    Very wise Master Yoda was…

    Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. Everyone’s suffering.

    Sixteen thousand people did not have it coming.

    Does the Reign of Terror mean anything to you Jacobins? How about The Final Solution? The Killing Fields? The Gulags? Jim Crow?

    We’ve seen the videos from G-20. We’ve seen people beaten to the ground for no legally justified reason. We know corruption is out there! There is already a rift between us, so stop making it worse!

    In the end, as Americans, we are all followers of the great Montesquieu, who first got the bright idea for ‘checks and balances’. It’s not a crime to check up on LEO, but the key word is balance, which denotes moderation.

    Bad apples will be found in every basket. But you’ve been looking at only one tree. Tour the rest of the orchard.

    Beware, the seeds of hate are being planted. Soon, it may not be cops anymore, it may encompass Republicans and Democrats. They got us into this mess, right? What about Mexicans? They come across the border by the hundreds every hour and get free handouts while we pinch pennies! Muslims? They’re trying to kill us all! These groups and many more could be seen as ‘had it coming.’

    The battle to save the nation is not a conflict of arms (God willing it never will be) but of principle. We’re not fighting against physical threats as much as we are, in a way, spiritual ones. We’re fighting against our own impulses, the urge to hate, demonize and destroy.

    We’ve seen the enemy, and he is us.

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