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    Homemade Berkey Water Filter

    This article will guide you through the construction of a filter equivalent in performance to the Imperial Berkey that sells for about $300. They made it for $122

    For instructions & pics visit the blog

    <http://www.survival survival- blog/>

    <http://www.survival survival- blog/homemade- berkey-water- filter/>

    two 5-gallon food grade buckets

    two lids for the buckets

    a pair of Black Berkey filter elements (check online for best prices)

    some sources
    <http://www.h2ofilte html>
    <http://www.directiv .html>
    <http://www.morethan Black-Berkey- purifying- elements>

    a food grade spigot (the kind used for large coffee pots or water coolers check online for best price jamesfilter. com has them for $10

    credit to : lorraine hernandez for the info!

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