Malinois as self defense dog

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    I think Malinois are really the best dogs around: not to big, smart, intelligent, fearless and fast learners. They are also very social and only are focussed on their boss. My dog LOVES to bite (very much bite driven) but first I need to go to a lot of exams to get to the real bite work with her. I have 1 exam left and we go for the real thing:)
    This dog is perfect for me, but I had to learn about the way Malinois behaved. They like to challenge your position as a boss for always and you can’t shy away from good correction. We have a lot of animal mobs overhere (that is how I call them), they think you can train dogs with dog whispering technics. With Malinois you’can’t. and I am lots of arguments with ppl the way I correct her sometimes. I also wear a special chain because she is so high in her drives. When ppl see that they say that I am an animal abuser 😆 Dog whispering technics should do the trick: “oh you little goodie, goodie, you shouldn’t bite the postman, bad doggie”. Sure, nice to have a killing Malinois in the neighboorhood 😉
    But if you are more into the biting thing you should consider also a Dutch Sheppard. Here is a link:″ onclick=”;return false
    Have fun,

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