Manual Water Pumps in LA (for a well)

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    I do’nt have the money or room to collect all the endless prepps that I’d like to or believe that I should. I just do the best that I can with the resources I have. I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far but still have many plans for the future. They give me goals and keep me on track. Even if some of them may be unrealistic for a long time (usually due to limited financial resources and space/land of our own)…. That said…

    The biggest and most important deficiency in my preps thus far is the area of water… which of course is THE MOST important prep. I have lots of info printing out about how to make water safe for drinking… And one day when I hit the lottery and have my dream homestead (dream on, dream on LOL) I want to have my own pond dug. But in the meantime…

    Within the next year or so, I want to get a hand pump for our well. We live on rented land but can pretty much do what we want. We share our well with neighbors and so this would be very useful to both of us and surrounding neighbors in any type of emergency situation. The investment would be worth it I guess because when we move, the stuff can be taken wtih us… That said…

    Considering we are below sea level around here…. and considering I feel like a dummy when it comes to issues like this (in which I wish my husband was as interested in preps as I am because he understands these types of things)…. I have no clue how big or what type of hand pump I’d need. I drool over Lehman’s catalog all the time and they have some cute looking pumps that I drool over for mostly asthetic (sp?) reasons… but what about for actual use???

    Anyone on this Louisiana board have any experience in this area? Have you installed a manual pump on your well or looked in to it? I know not everyone will have a well but man of us do. Any thoughts?

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