March 6 – 12 … What did you do to prep this week?

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    Sorry about not posting this earlier … I had a minor medical emergency with my youngest … she started having an allergic reaction at school. Thankfully it wasn’t major but it has been over 5 years since her last reaction that it took me by surprise. Gotta love 6 year olds that share all their dairy laden snacks (she had a bag of goldfish and a muffin). So anyway, that sortof threw me off course this weekend.

    Sooooo, what have you done to prep this week?

    I have called and gotten perscriptions for epi-pens and epi-jrs renewed. Should have been doing this for the past several years but let it slack after a few years of no reactions whatsoever…. bad mommy! (thankfully she didn’t need one – tho the school carries them for anyone who might need them including visitors to the school)

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