Matt Bracken has a new book out, mid July 2017

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    The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun. Due out mid month. Move had the oppertunity to read about 70 pages, a friend forwarded to me.

    Basically about Muslims, and slavery, especially the sex slavery the Koran encourages. A group of females are kidnapped in an English speaking country, an island. A group of Ex SAS and IRA work together to go recover those ladies.

    Another well written ” from the excerpt I read”.

    Bracken gets it, he has educated himself on the fallacy of OUR interpitation the ” white guy ” understanding of the Koran. What I find interesting, is when I read my own Koran, to learn, it seems to counter virtually everything I’ve ever learned in Christian church’s.

    I’m not overly smart, yet I clearly see the glaring differences, between the bible and the Koran. It’s as if Mohammad read the bible, and in spit penned his version countering the teachings of the bible.

    Anyway this book can be pre ordered, it’s due out mid month. I’ve pre ordered, can’t wait to read the rest of this book.


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